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Our Process: 10 Steps to a New Ceiling!

Your new ceiling texture can be completed quickly and efficiently. Here is our simple, ten-step process:

  1. Estimate: Your free, in-home estimate involves a discussion on your goals for a new ceiling texture.
  2. Walk Through: The day we arrive to complete your project, we will walk through the home to confirm that the work we have promised matches the estimate we provide.
  3. Preparing the Home: As a courtesy, we carefully move all furniture so it is protected and out of the way. We recommend that homeowners remove all breakable or valuable items from the room. Pictures hanging on the wall do not need to be removed.
  4. Protect the Work Area: Our innovative enclosure consists of many layers of plastic that are sealed together to protect your walls, flooring and furniture; this also ensures a dust free, no residue process.
  5. Acoustic Ceiling Removal: Once your floor and walls are protected and sealed off, the acoustic from the ceiling is removed with our state of the art equipment. Most of the time, the removal can take place in one day. Larger homes may require more time.
  6. Perfecting the Surface: After all acoustic ceiling material is removed, all surface imperfections are fixed before the new texture is applied.
  7. Applying New Texture: It is usually recommended for the new ceiling texture to match the texture on the walls. We offer the spray-on application textures Orange Peel and Knockdown, and hand textures like Skip Trowel and Mission. Choose from light, medium or heavy texture.
  8. Room Restoration: After the new texture is applied, we remove the plastic, dispose of all waste, and return all furniture to its place.
  9. Drying Time: Our recommended drying time for your new ceiling texture is at least 48 hours. Do not apply primer or paint for a minimum of two days.
  10. Enjoy! Your new ceiling is complete.   

Recessed Lighting Process: As Easy as 1-2-3

1. To achieve your lighting project, a Final Touch Ceilings expert will work with you one-on-one during your free in-home estimate to determine the best design for your recessed lighting.

2. The location/design for the lighting will be defined by the area of the home or object to be illuminated, specific lighting fixture location, and your particular taste in lighting effect.

3. Once the project has been agreed upon and after a final walk-through of your home has been completed, our team of professionals will prepare your home and protect the entire work area with a plastic enclosure to ensure a dust free, no residue process. From there, our simple and innovative installation process can begin; most installations can be completed in just one day depending on the size of your home.