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Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Styles change with the decades, including the techniques used for ceilings and drywall surfaces. Removing these old fashioned ceilings is not the prolonged and messy process it used to be. The innovative process we use is dust free, and has been developed whereby the acoustic material can be removed and the ceiling re-textured in a day depending on the size of your home.

Ceiling and Wall Texture

Final Touch Ceilings offers textures like Orange Peel or Knockdown; or, specialized hand textures like Skip Trowel and Mission. Homeowners can choose from light, medium or heavy textures to match their unique visions for the final outcome. We look forward to giving you the opportunity to view samples during your free, in-home estimate.

Our experienced professionals can make over your ceiling and wall surfaces to achieve the results you want. Yes, we specialize in acoustic ceiling removal, but we also offer expert wall texturing.

Drywall Repair

Final Touch Ceilings also provides any and all drywall repair services. To minimize any further damage, we swiftly repair drywall that has been damaged by mold and water, and can patch drywall damage to match the existing texture in your home.

Recessed Lighting

Proper lighting can help create a peaceful ambiance in your home. This can be accomplished by having Final Touch Ceilings install recessed lighting in your new or existing home.

Recessed lighting is one the most versatile lighting systems and can easily be used to design ambient lighting (general lighting in a home that is warm and inviting), task lighting (brighter lighting for a particular task area like for reading or writing) and accent lighting (highlights decorative aspects of your home like a piece of art). Recessed Lighting is also energy efficient because it runs on a lower voltage; the addition of energy saving dimming controls can further reduce the usage of electricity.

To achieve your lighting project, a Final Touch Ceilings expert will work with you one-on-one during your free in-home estimate to determine the best design for your recessed lighting.

The location/design for the lighting will be defined by three aspects: 1) area of the home or object to be illuminated, 2) specific lighting fixture location, and 3) your particular taste in lighting effect.

Once the project has been agreed upon and after a final walk-through of your home has been completed, our team of professionals will prepare your home and protect the entire work area with a plastic enclosure. From there, our simple and innovative installation process can begin; most installations can be completed in just one day depending on the size of your home.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing ceiling fans can often times be a tricky feat to accomplish. Some ceiling fans can weigh as much as 50 pounds and the installation instructions are typically long and complicated. Fortunately, Final Touch Ceilings also provides expert ceiling fan installation services. So leave that complicated and hazardous work to our professionals; get in touch with us today to set up an appointment. We're ready to help you in any way we can!